Memorable Experience

Explore Mauritus like no one else would, discover the authentic facet and cultural richness of the island, the different spices and flavours, you will be fascinated by the quality and diversity of the ingredients, the smells and colors and even share a traditional cooked meal. The essence of Mauritius is its people, the island is today a unique mosaic of ethnicity, language, and culture. Take the opportunity to meet the locals and share their hospitality. Our tours also offer unique discoveries of remarkable and exceptional products and places for once in a lifetime memories. 

Culinary discovery

Engage in an authentic cooking class and discover the local flavours of Mauritian species and products along with a personal chef.  Those cooking classes will introduce you to the little secrets of our exotic Mauritian/Creole cuisine, a true explosion of colors, senses and flavors for you to prepare these authentic creole dishes in your own kitchen back home and impress! You also get the chance to explore the streets and local markets to buy some fresh vegetables and species.

Lunch at a local's house

Mauritius is an alfresco kitchen...after tasting the culinary wonders inherited from India, China, Africa and Europe, why not learn the basic techniques along with a local and enjoy a dinner with a Mauritian family. Discover how to cook 'Mauritian style', the cultural richness that makes the island so unique! Surely an unforgettable encounter!

Tea Plucking experience at Bois Cheri 

Le Domaine de Bois Chéri, located on the highlands in the southern part of the island of Mauritius, at nearly 500 metres above sea level, offers ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of tea. Follow the footsteps of the tea pickers across the fields of the most ancient tea plantation in Mauritius and experience the traditional ways of tea picking. Experience this unique activity which brings you to the heart of the Mauritian heritage along with professional pickers. You will then discover the various steps involved in the making of the tea from the raw material to the finished good.

Craft Experience - Visit to Local Artisans 

With a cultural and artistic heritage derived from Africa, Asia and Europe, it’s no surprise that Mauritian arts embrace the broadest spectrum of languages, religions, ethnicities and traditions with the visual arts sector particularly adept at expressing all these different dynamics. Turning objects into art is now embedded in the Mauritian culture with local artisans producing everything from paintings and sculpture to glassware, textiles, jewellery, woodcarvings and woven crafts.


“Hands of Fame” - (Glass hand casting)

The Mauritius Glass Gallery is a glass foundry where skilled craftsmen create unique handmade pieces of art from glass. At the Mauritius Glass Gallery, 100%-recycled glass is blown back to life into a myriad of forms and a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors. You will also be able to witness and appreciate the amazing world of glass blowing and glass ornaments. You can watch the traditional glass-blowing process or have a glass model made from an imprint of your hand or foot in the sand.