Dear Coquille Bonheur,

Thank you for helping #SaveKidsLives! Welcome to the movement. You join a 1 million strong campaigner base that is calling for real action to #SaveKidsLives.
By by supporting the 2020 Action Agenda for Road Safety, you help to call on leaders to put road safety on their agenda, locally and worldwide. We are calling for real action and for road safety decision makers to publish their plans on how they will reach the target of halving road deaths by 2020.

Every additional name gives a boost to the campaign. Your support will let governments know that we have a large crowd behind us calling for real road safety action to #SaveKidsLives!

There are some really easy steps that you can take right now to call for action. We are encouraging committed campaigners like you to 'Get Going'.

Together we will make a call for action on road safety!

Best regards,

#CoquilleBonheur #ChristianLefevre