Coquille Bonheur : A Quality Service tailored for Eden Made Group inclusive of the renowned italian Tour Operators Hotelplan and Turisanda
 On the 4th April 2017 , Coquille Bonheur was officialy selected to represent Eden Made Group which also includes the famous italian brands, Hotelplan and Turisanda. 

"We took our time, and unanimously, we chose Coquille Bonheur. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their services as DMC, by the friendliness and the knowledge of the team " Said Silvia Brunetti, Buisness Unit Director Eden Group.

As opposed to Mass Tourism, which offers few choices to customers, CB offers a number of services that match and go beyond expectations of tour operators and their customers through a succession of niches fro the Joy of each and everyone.

"CB continues to charm through the personalization of its exceptional and authentic services. The market is evolving and CB continues to adapt itself to the requirements of the industry and offers enriched experiences. 
As a reminder we have just celebrated our 10 years of operation and relentlessly,since then, we embarked on a quality approach to make Mauritius shines. " Explained Christian Lefevre, Managing Director.