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Discovering Mauritius with Coquille Bonheur is the guarantee of a vacation that goes beyond expectations.

With more than 12 years of experience and an extensive range of tailor-made products and services Coquille Bonheur provides the most prestigious and gracious receptive services and deliver different experiences with a bold approach and a taste for excellence

Quality Assurance Policy

As a DMC we are certified ISO 9001 : 2015 and implement quality assurance procedures to ensure that our clients invariably receive the same excellent services and that all staff continuously operate to the same high standards; “Above All We Care”.

The Shell per excellence

In Mauritius “Coquille Bonheur” is the emblem of a refined distinction and the relaxation for the eyes and spirit. This shell holds a strong symbolism in the mind of the Mauritians and is the symbol of good-luck and happiness. CB associated the “par excellence” shell to its prestigious “par excellence” services.


Our Story

It all happened in the year 2006. Before that, the founder and owner, Christian Lefèvre, was frustrated with the incoming services that the company he was working for, were providing to tourists and so was the case with the other DMCs in Mauritius. In his opinion, the local DMCs were handling volume of clients and consequently, could not provide the attention required to details, the care needed, could not share the passion and love of the destination that were expected. So, Christian decided to quit and open his own business “Coquille Bonheur” also known as CB.  

Christian’s vision was to start a new DMC where the customers’ experience will be the most aspect of the receptive business. He wanted his clients to be overjoyed and likewise employees to be enthusiastic of being part of such a caring company.

Drawing on his background, after more than 30 years of wealthy experience in destination management, hotels, island and safari lodges, ferry & leisure boats, travel, aviation, car rental and finance, in different countries, such as Comores, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Seychelles and Mauritius, Christian decided to switch gears and founded a family business, Coquille Bonheur (CB), focusing on service, service and service, banking on quality, authenticity, personal care, can-do attitude, flexibility and constant concern for the right performance.

After more than 12 years of operation, the award-winning Receptive Operator, CB, continues to be a dynamic company.  We are today associated to a number of discerning partners who share our values of service and quality. We are proud to be the official Receptive Agency for BaoComm for all handling of all international stars and artists performing in Mauritius. CB is also a member of IAGTO (Golf Association).

As part of the ongoing efforts to bring to contribution our assistance to underprivileged children, CB operates its own NGO “Lucky Shell”. CB has recently signed with “The Code” for the protection of children against sex tourism. In our quest for sustainability, our catamaran is solar-electric powered which protects the lagoon and the marine reserves. It has no emissions and no noise.  

Our success is based on our resourcefulness and most specially on service, service and service. CB has helped its partners to grow by using its local networking, knowledge and an experienced team with the ability to anticipate the needs of its partners and clients. We believe that when people choose a DMC, they want a company they can trust. Fortunately, there's one. If you are looking for that little spark that will make the difference in service in this highly demanding sector, do try us and we promise not to fail you. 


Christian Lefèvre Bio Data

Christian Lefèvre is the founder and owner of Mauritius Smartest Receptive Agent, Coquille Bonheur. He acquired a wealth of experience in the tourism field working in Comores, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Seychelles and of course Mauritius.

He is a high calibre, visionary executive, with more than three decades of professional career, with record of progress and achievement in tourism management. He has a complete understanding of the tourism industry. Enthusiastic and dedicated, an accomplished professional with a proven track record in driving forward of sales growth, through the identification and development of new business opportunities.

He utilises excellent communication and interpersonal skills to build mutually beneficial internal and external matrix relationships, adopting a confident approach to customer/supplier liaison. Quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Possesses a high level of commercial acumen and thrives in results orientated working environments. An experienced leader who knows how to build and manage a highly skilled team. Resilient and tenacious – never giving up!

He is a certified member of the "Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport", Member of "Mauritius Institute of Directors" and has also been admitted to the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Leicester with specialisation in Applied Industrial Economics and the Management of International Tourism.

He has served on many tourism boards in the region and Africa and in 2014 was appointed as the new Chairperson of the "Tourism Authority" by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Mauritian government.

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