Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd and Coquille Bonheur Ltd are in the process of establishing a collaboration and partnership to promote training and course development in the field of tourism, specifically in the field of destination management and travel organization .

This will allow the training and development of PML students in the field of tourism (destination management and tour operator) and their employment opportunities at Coquille Bonheur as well as the training and development of Coquille Bonheur employees by taking the courses and degree programs offered by PML in the field of tourism and hospitality and related sectors.

a public company whose sole objective is to bridge the gap between medium and high skills and to meet the emerging needs of government and industry for qualified and competent talent at the intermediate professional level through technical education superior. The programs provided by the PML are close to the needs of the world of work in all sectors, and produce mid-level professionals who are adapted and resilient to the growing needs of the economy in terms of labor. both highly qualified and expert.

With over 15 years of experience, Coquille Bonheur is a Destination Management Company (DMC) that provides the most prestigious, gracious and responsible services. It also offers, in the most conscious way, a wide choice of experiences with a bold and sustainable creative approach and a taste for excellence. As a sign of recognition of its professionalism and the quality of its services, Coquille Bonheur has been awarded numerous prizes by renowned tour operators. And recently, Coquille Bonheur won the gold distinction in the Tour Operator and Tourist Guide category of the Sustainable Tourism Mauritius Awards 2022. Coquille Bonheur's philosophy is to create long-lasting partnerships with a limited number of savvy tour operators who share the same values and the same vision. And also, to provide the most prestigious and gracious receptive service in Mauritius in a sustainable manner. Over the years, BC has been repeatedly recognized for its ability to create a sophisticated Mauritius, and enjoys an international reputation for prestige and excellence. CB stands out in a competitive market with its first-class service. Basically, CB, the smartest and most exclusive responsive operator, starts with the values that drive it; these same beliefs and values that determine the selective receptive operation that he conducts. Its greatest asset is its staff, who is an integral part of this service-oriented company ready to do anything for its customers. As a Mauritian company, CB has confidence in the future, 

Christian Lefèvre, Managing Director of Coquille Bonheur said he was “delighted to sign a memorandum of understanding with Polytechnics Mauritius, the concretization of a partnership with an established institution. Today's signing ceremony is a very meaningful event for us as we come together to develop talent that is future-ready and industry-relevant. It goes without saying that today's collaboration is timely for us as stakeholders. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. This powerful quote from Helen Keller will always stand the test of time. When we work together on a common goal, we can achieve more, far beyond our goals. »

Labor shortageFor Christian Lefèvre, this memorandum of understanding responds to an even more acute problem since the Covid-19 pandemic. “The potential for economic growth and development linked to the tourism industry is fully recognized at the national level. It is an essential pillar of our economy that creates jobs and opportunities. The tourism industry has put Mauritius on the world map – it has strengthened our international position and brand image. The benefits of tourism are many. Tourism allows us to teach skills and provide jobs. And tourism is a force for social justice as it creates opportunities for young people. In the post-covid context, the tourism industry is seriously suffering from a current labor shortage. Vocational education and training plays a major role in preparing students to acquire the required professional and practical skills, and enables us to meet many of the most pressing challenges we face today, such as competitiveness , youth employment and social inclusion. In collaboration with Polytechnics Mauritius, we want to raise awareness among the young generation in order to arouse their interest in a career in the tourism industry. youth employment and social inclusion. In collaboration with Polytechnics Mauritius, we want to raise awareness among the young generation in order to arouse their interest in a career in the tourism industry. youth employment and social inclusion. In collaboration with Polytechnics Mauritius, we want to raise awareness among the young generation in order to arouse their interest in a career in the tourism industry.

As the tourism industry grows, it is necessary for professionals in the sector to be trained to be at the forefront. It may not seem like it for many right now, but I can assure anyone considering joining the tourism industry that this is probably one of the most exciting times to do so. More than ever, our sector will need young talent. »Qualified workforceFor Christian Lefèvre the sector needs a highly qualified workforce and it is important to invest in training. “The highly competitive environment in which businesses operate today demands a skilled workforce. In tourism education, practical training is necessary so that students find the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and to develop personal skills and abilities, which will enable them to participate in the economic, social and political development of our country. We believe that education and training in the field of tourism should be integrated into the world of work, with internships to acquire professional skills, to include an element of cooperation with companies and to create a link between the world of education and the world of work. For this, the need for intense cooperation between educational institutes and other tourism stakeholders must be recognized, both in vocational education and training and in higher tourism education in Mauritius. »

For him, this protocol is in line with the values of Coquille Bonheur, which believes in human development. “Coquille Bonheur believes in the development of equity in the sharing of tourism benefits and in the promotion of community tourism; make the locals benefit from tourism by promoting excursions and authentic activities through the cultural richness of Mauritius through its cultural diversity, its fauna and flora, its wealth of culinary flavors and landscapes. We have always thought it was very important to be able to give back to the community. Like the Hummingbird, we do what we can. We believe that improving people's lives is our ultimate duty. They are important to help make our business stronger and lead the industry at the same time. Our responsible approach to tourism is what makes Coquille Bonheur unique. Coquille Bonheur firmly believes that the future of the tourism industry lies in companies taking responsibility beyond the simple bottom line and integrating the principles of sustainability into their activities. We are very proud to be associated with Polytechnics Mauritius as we firmly believe that education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development. We strongly reaffirm our ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable tourism, community resilience and natural resources. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Polytechnics Mauritius for coming with us and giving us the opportunity to make this collaboration possible.

Source:Mauritius Tourism