Protecting Marine Turtle Habitat

Coquille Bonheur is a tour operator that prioritizes marine turtle protection and habitat preservation. We have made a pledge to refrain from promoting swimming with sea turtles and actively advocate for stronger legislation and funding for their conservation.

The Significance of Marine Turtle Protection:
Marine turtles are crucial for maintaining oceanic biodiversity and serve as indicators of ecosystem health. We recognize their importance and commits to their preservation.

Responsible Tourism Practices:
Instead of endorsing activities like swimming with sea turtles, we promotes responsible tourism. By raising awareness and encouraging respect for natural turtle habitats, they contribute to their long-term well-being.

Habitat Preservation:
Coquille Bonheur invests in projects that restore and protect marine turtle habitats. We focus on rehabilitating nesting sites, safeguarding nesting beaches, and mitigating human impacts on these fragile ecosystems.

Coquille Bonheur sets an inspiring example in the tourism industry by prioritizing marine turtle habitat protection. Through responsible tourism practices, advocacy, habitat preservation efforts, and education, we contribute to creating a safer environment for marine turtles to nest, feed, and migrate freely. By choosing Coquille Bonheur, you become part of a collective effort to safeguard these magnificent creatures and their habitats