Coquille Bonheur is very delighted to welcome its first Trainee in the office 

Coquille Bonheur was delighted to sign a Memorandum of Agreement with Polytechnics Mauritius, the realisation of a partnership with an established institution towards developing talents that are future-ready and industry-relevant. We collaborated and launched the tourism and leisure diploma. We offer internship programs that provide students with hands-on experience and successfully employed an intern. Tourism for us is a force for social justice because it creates opportunities for young people.

The Tourism Industry suffers from a current labour shortage. Vocational education and training play a major role in preparing students to gain professional and practical skills required, and us by tackling many of the most pressing challenges we are facing today, such as competitiveness, youth employment and economic inclusion. Together with Polytechnics Mauritius, we aim to create awareness among the young generation to ignite their interest in looking forward to a career in the tourism industry.  Above All We Are.