The Tourism Industry has been identified as a significant contributor to gas emissions and other negative environmental effects. Coquille Bonheur new excursion brochure demonstrates its sustainable commitment through concrete local actions aiming at reducing the carbon footprint, creating jobs by working with local artisans and purchasing locally sourced products to promote sustainable economy, immersing in Culture and Heritage, Reforestation and Zero Plastic Policy.

The itineraries offered have a low impact on the environment and encourage encounters with local population, the consumption of local and seasonal products, local crafts, hiking, biking, visit of local associations, collaborative actions to fight the ill treatment of animals, swimming with dolphins and turtles and walk with lions and promoting tours that visit natural areas to raise awareness of the importance of conservation and biodiversity. We maximise the use of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles on all our tours. Together with our esteemed guests, we can create a more sustainable future for all.