Coquille Bonheur is delighted to present the launch of its new 2023 hybrid cars, continuing its endeavour towards sustainable tourism. 

Coquille Bonheur replaced 3 Hyundai Tucson Petrol by Tucson Hybrid 24V. The fuel consumption from Petrol Car to a Hybrid 24V car recorded an immediate reduction of 20.5%. I.e., Hyundai Tucson Petrol runs 8.6L/100 and a new Hyundai Tucson runs 5.2L/100, less noise pollution, Less Co2 emissions with Hybrid Cars, serving at 15,000 kms instead of 10,000 kms.

The Company replaced a Mercedes GLC300 Petrol by a Mercedes GLE350 de Plug-In. The fuel consumption. The Mercedes GLC300 petrol runs 11.3L/100 whereas the Mercedes GLE350de runs 1.1L/100 and covers 94 kms on Electric mode. Furthermore, the Mercedes GLE 350 de Plug-In uses AdBlue is a clear mixture of demineralised water and pure urea (32.5%) which is a liquid solution used to treat exhaust gases on modern diesel engines and allows up to 90% of the produced nitrogen oxides (NOx) by the vehicle to be converted into environmentallyfriendly components, nitrogen and water.