Being a responsible tourism company we promote some authentic green eco tours around the island.

Every trip we plan is unique in its own way, but one thing they all have in common is their anchor to our Sustainable Travel Policy.

- Ile Aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve Tour 

Combining the treasures of the real Mauritius with a short trip over turquoise waters, the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation offers a guided Mauritius ecotour to their project on Aigrettes Island in the Bay of Mahebourg, The tour starts with short boat trip from Pointe Jerome. This is followed by a 1.5 to 2 hour walking trail, led by one trained ecotour rangers, who will introduce the unique flora and fauna to you, explain about our restoration work on the island, and share their knowledge of the local area and the history of the island.

- Sea Kayaking trip to Ile d'Ambre 

Going for smaller companies can be a smart move, as their owners are mostly true locals and know everything under the sea – and on the islands that dot the reefs surrounding Mauritius; they adjust their activities with ecotourism and sustainability in mind. Discover the island from mangroves mazes to river mouths, as well as huge crystal clear lagoons & isolated islets through sea kayaking trips.

- Hiking Tours

The country offers endless possibilities for hiking, trekking, and other nature trips ranging from mountains, rivers, forests and canyons. It is rich in awe-inspiring mountain views, gorgeous rivers with magnificent waterfalls, and deep natural forests that are home to various birds species. 

- Bird Watching tours

The tour takes place in the Black-River Gorges National Park offering hundreds of kilometers of trails, and very exclusive, protected, and breathtaking spots. From there, we will be able to enjoy a nice little picnic and the amazing show of the curious native birds. This tour is perfect for passionate nature lovers!

- Electro bike tours

Mauritius provides a stunning backdrop to cycle tours with its breathtaking views, lush nature, and wild cliffs. On an electro bike we offer you an authentic and ecological way to soak in all the beauty of the Mauritian landscapes, while enjoying an exhilarating feeling of escape and freedom. Along roads lined with dramatic vistas, in the heart of nature, through sugar cane fields or along beaches unveil world-famous treasures and hidden gems.