Lucky Shell
Coquille Bonheur has its own Foundation called the ‘Lucky Shell’, where activities and events are organised frequently to help particularly underprivileged children in need and the adversely affected inhabitants of the Republic of Mauritius. Lucky Shell is a non-governmental, non-religious organisation and fully funded by the company Coquille Bonheur. It focuses both on the immediate needs of vulnerable children and preventive measures to support families in need. We work towards sustainability and the well-being of children, young people and seniors, especially the most vulnerable without any discrimination of whatever sort. Our main aim is to promote voluntary/charitable activities, community and social development in Mauritius, in particular, the advancement of social education, the furtherance of health and the relief of poverty, distress and sickness.

Below are a few of many initiatives :

Our Families Of Camp Levieux
“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed”. More than 10 years have elapsed since I (Christian Lefèvre) had this conversation with Jean Claude Pitois, a kind-hearted man, who sadly passed away a couple of years back. He introduced me to Stephanie René who then gathered 15 families of Camp Levieux who needed help. Coquille Bonheur decided since then to always look after those families, providing food, school materials, Christmas toys, and whatever we could afford to assist.

Arche De Noë
Through a member of the “Arche de Noë” of Pamplemousses, CB together with Air Mauritius helped a family to accompany a child in need of surgery and medical care to India.

Residence Mère Teresa, Triolet
CB took the initiative to enroll 14 women, most of them, single mothers to take craft courses at the “Residence Mère Teresa”, at Triolet. This training programme empowered women through the hope of a better future for themselves and aimed to fight poverty through social support. With the help of the Geneviève Guého and Janine Grant, responsible for the “École d’alphabétisation de Fatima”, this initiative gave a social dimension to the promotion of values in the Mauritian society. We believe in building a life and a hope for generations to come with new skills and new trades.

House At Roches Bois
Can you imagine life with no shelter? CB helped a family living in extreme poverty at Roches Bois to have a home. This initiative changed everything for that family and their children. Inadequate Housing is one of the largest problems in Mauritius today.

Brightening The Lives Of Our Seniors
Coquille Bonheur and Roland Mullegadoo from 'Lacaze en Paille' volunteered to organise a superb lunch followed by music, entertainment and dance at the 'Nautilus Club' at Albion for some of the seniors of the community. We proudly hosted more than 150 seniors. Gifts were distributed and it was an opportunity for our team to meet the seniors, care about them and create bonds in the community that will certainly last well beyond this single day.

USMA Event - Sap Lor Kal
USMA returns with its famous delirious games SAP LOR KAL. 4 mixed teams composed of children (from 5 years old), teenagers and adults will compete for a day at the Nautilus. May the best win! The events concocted by the organizers are not lacking in ingenuity: volleyball with a water balloon, head spinner, tug of war, grin contest, apple in the bucket, wheelbarrow, trolley race. CB were proud sponsors of this event and contributed by providing lunch for staff and participants on the day of this special event.

« La Flamme De L’Espoir De Souillac »
Affection, sharing, love, benevolence, giving

La Flamme de l’Espoir de Souillac is a local association of a group of young and old alike; it aims to give meaning to mutual aid and community life. Thank you, Geraldine, President of « La Flamme de L’Espoir de Souillac » for this great initiative. We were proud to have participated together with Thompsons Holidays and 40 Travel Agents from South Africa.

Club Des Sauveteurs - CDS Swimming Club Of Beau Bassin
CB partnered with the swimming club to bring success to your swimmers to support the kids to achieve their goals. This Swimming Club was founded in 1968 by Mr. Ronald Moutou. The club’s name CDS Club Des Sauveteurs (where life-saving skills are learned). Instructors, in a safe, clean environment and a friendly atmosphere give swimming lessons for all ages and all levels.

CB / Thompsons Holidays Joining Hands For Helping Surinam Underprivileged Children
Thompsons Holidays and Coquille Bonheur, regularly support disadvantaged kids by offering educational materials, clothes and toys. It is another of many initiatives that highlight some of the tireless work to help children in need in Mauritius.

Groupe Jeunes Solidaires – Bambous
CB on several occasions was pleased to help Eric Armelle, Group President, to bring joy to the hearts of the children of Valletta, on the occasion of a Christmas Party and other events. The Organisation promotes activities and events for children, adults and seniors in the neighbourhood of Bambous, to promote healthy recreation and to change the image of the village. Their objective is to promote healthy leisure activities to prevent young people from experiencing sufferings from the consequences of alcoholism, drug addiction and also to advocate intergenerational solidarity and the fight against discrimination.

Blue Bay
CB is involved in various Eco-friendly projects. We participated in a 'Mega National Cleaning Embellishment Campaign' at Blue Bay Beach to continue our efforts towards environmental awareness and sustainability. The event was organised by the Tourism Authority and CB assisted Kersley & Azur Boat Tours.

Enzo - A Dream Comes True
A Christmas wish comes true. We wanted to share with you the magical Christmas story of 4 years old little Enzo. Living in Albion Enzo used to watch cruise ships sailing to the harbour of Port Louis, dreaming to visit one of those luxurious vessels one day. Without any hesitation, with the help of Costa Cruise, we planned his magical guided tour accompanied by his godmother Stephanie on Christmas eve. During his adventure throughout the ship, Enzo was amazed by the beauty and atmosphere enjoying every minute of it wishing this would never end! We believe that Christmas is the time for sharing and were delighted to illuminate Enzo's Christmas!

La Communauté Du Chemin Neuf
The "Responsables de Fraternité CANA, were very touched by our response to their request for help and call for donations for the Cana session organised by the Chemin Neuf Community, from July 15 to 21, 2019. Our assistance and contribution have enabled them to welcome couples and families, to live this strong time of prayer and formation. We have been the Lord's privileged witnesses in hearts and were glad to participate in the apostolate to couples and families.