Relaxed, Rejuvenate, Reinvigorate the mind and the soul!

Are you looking for an escape and to enjoy some well-deserved ‘me-time’? Embark on a transformational journey to rediscover your inner self and savour the beauty of life. Combine your holiday with a spa retreat and an island nature discovery, the ultimate wellbeing experience. Awake all of your senses. Experience therapeutic treatments to help aid your relaxation, manage your stress and sleep well. Cleanse your body from organic facials to detoxifying body scrubs. Also learn about positive dietary modifications and various ayurvedic experiences. Enjoy yoga or meditation inspired workouts. Sweating in extensive fitness classes to keep your body active in the sun. Discover the natural wonders of the island and breathtaking sceneries in activities like hiking, canyoning and catamaran cruises.

More details about wellness in Mauritius:

  •  Wellness Festival
    The biggest wellness festival in the Indian Ocean, combining mind-body practices, nature connections, holistic health and personal development! The three day programme of over 60 different holistic experiences, inspirational talks and workshops will be led by a line-up of local and international experts. From learning about the best way to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle to reiki and aura sessions, the event aims to cover six dimensions of wellbeing: Mind-Body Practice, Holistic Health, Personal Development, Artistic Expression, Spirituality and Nature Connection.
  • Vortex Mauritius 
    The vortex found in Mauritius is the first to be active (thirteen others will be found on Earth). The energy travels in spirals through the vortex regulating the energetic disbalance within those who sit there for at least twenty minutes. This rapid balancing of energetic circuits, chakras and meridians, will get the physical body to react and very often mild symptoms such as fatigue, vertigo, uneasiness, migraine, might be felt without any serious consequences though when one leaves the vortex. In the case of more serious physical or psychological ailments more specific treatment can be targetted on the vortex.
  • Nature Connection
    Using nature to calm the mind and connect to the elements. Expect forest bathing, meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises whilst being immersed in nature such as the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage sites of Le Morne and the Biosphere Nature Reserve. Also experience tree-hugging, meditation and dips under a waterfall, explore the fantastic Tamarind falls (7 waterfalls).