Local history, culture and arts add a rich flavour to your travel experience!

One of the things that sets Mauritius apart from many of the other idyllic and gorgeous island destinations, is its fascinating history and melting pot of cultures with influences from Africa, Europe, China and India. Delve into the Mauritian traditional arts and culture. Visits the multicolored temples, stone churches, pagoda, the China Town and learn about our rich fascinating culture. There are many different crafts practiced in Mauritius. Recycling and upcycling has long been part of the arts culture and artisans use their skills on everything from reclaimed furniture to driftwood. See some of the most fascinating places, people and immerse yourself in history.

  • Culture & Heritage Sites

Step out and enjoy the rich historical heritage of Mauritius, 2 UNESCO world heritage sites - Aapravasi Ghat found in Port Louis city and Le Morne Branbant iconic mountain located in the South West of the island are well worth visiting. Both sites appear to be very different – one is a natural landscape and the other a man-made construction but both are important for their related historic and symbolic value. 

  • Places of Worship

Mauritius is all about a blend of diverse cultures which the immigrant population brought from their ancestral countries without which the population wouldn't be the same today. Despite the chequered history, the country is wonderfully unified regardless of language, race and religion. Today the island holds a great number of must experienced sacred places, below are a few ones not to be missed:

  • Ganga Talao Sacred Lake 
  • Jummah Masjid Mosque
  • The Chapel of Cap Malheureux
  • Kwan Tee Pagoda
  • Kayalasson Temple
  • Arts & Crafts 

The culture on the island is based on the diversity of the population and is also expressed through literature, dance, music, local arts and crafts. There are many different crafts practised in Mauritius where local artisans uses their creativity to produce some unique souvenirs. In many regions of the island basketwork skills are passed down through generations, using leaves from the vacoas, sugarcane and bamboo plants that grow on the island. A more recent craft is ship modelling, where artisans create miniature detailed ship replicas. We invite you to discover this fascinating world of arts by paying a visit to the local artisans themselves and share their knowledge and traditions.