At Coquille Bonheur we are totally geared towards the future and continue to invest in new opportunities. We are pleased to make you discover Rodrigues islands where we will be providing a wide range of ground handling services, ensuring that you have an unforgettable holiday experience.

This island is the perfect travel destination for anyone wanting to escape the daily grind.

Rodrigues is blissfully isolated over 600km northeast of the mainland, this tiny volcanic outcrop is surrounded by a massive turquoise lagoon and is a stunning mountainous gem where you feel at home. For those looking to unveil Rodrigues Island’s own discreet and sincere charm, the Sightseeing tours will cater to the perfect day itinerary taking you to all the key sites on the island.

Not only will you have the splendid opportunity of exploring the beautiful Rodriguan coasts and its picturesque hilly landscapes, but you will also get to enhance your personal knowledge with the history of the island. You will walk through the wonderful historical sites to help you uncover Rodrigues’ indigenous character and exoticism and have a fantastic time exploring the island and mingling with its charming, friendly inhabitants.

This destination is simply unique in its own way and offers so much to discover, get ready to embark with us on this amazing journey.