Eco Bonheur

ECO BONHEUR” THE SUSTAINABLE CLEANING COMPANY IN MAURITIUS Eco Bonheur (EB) is a cleaning and property services provider located in Roches Brunes. Our team is highly skilled, and chosen for their integrity, and comes with a wealth of experience. We provide a range of cleaning services for domestic, commercial, and industrial clients. We work with selected suppliers and people guaranteeing a competitive advantage over other cleaning service providers. Eco Bonheur brings a fresh and professional approach to cleaning services. We exceed in service, quality, personal care, a can-do attitude, flexibility, and constant concern for the right performance. As a sustainable cleaning company, our quality assurance procedures ensure that our clients invariably receive excellent service and that all staff continuously operate to the same high standards. Visit us on or via email

Coquille Bonheur Voyage


Traveling is our ultimate passion. From visiting the colourful and lively cities to discovering authentic small towns around the world, we make this passion our journey. We want to do so much more than just show you the world. We truly believe that small adventures are food for our souls. We are dedicated at providing the lifetime Experiene by choosing only the best local partners around the world. We tent to provide outstanding & unique experiences for our friends: You! Just Relax and let us make your holidays, great moments. Visit us on or email us on