I am Jonathan Lefèvre the Associate  Director of Coquille Bonheur.

My journey with Coquille Bonheur began after completing my Sales Certificate at TAFE, I joined the operations department. In 2007, together with Coquille Bonheur, we embarked on ground handling services for Costa Cruise. Taking charge of the operation, I managed the intricate logistics involved in cruise ship operations.

While logistics is my passion, I am equally enthusiasm about the world of technology. My interest in this field, led me to pursue a degree in web and app development from Deakin University, Australia, in 2014. Thus, optimizing Coquille Bonheur's operations and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Outside of my professional commitments, I enjoy exploring the world and discover new destinations. My passion for travel and firsthand experience contribute to my ability to curate unforgettable experiences for Coquille Bonheur's clients. Combining my passion for sustainability and my expertise in logistics and technology, I continually strive to ensure that Coquille Bonheur remains at the forefront of responsible and innovative destination management.

Why Coquille Bonheur?

We are driven by our dedication to responsible travel and innovation, and we're here to craft unforgettable experiences that will leave you with a profound connection to the world we explore together. Let's embark on remarkable journeys that make a positive difference, one adventure at a time!