I am Jaimie Nirsimloo the Operations Manager of Coquille Bonheur.

I am a highly motivated and passionate individual with a deep-rooted love for the tourism industry. From my early days at the airport, ensuring smooth arrivals and departures for travelers, to my role as a hotel representative, where I managed in providing personalized services to guests, I had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of local tourism. My versatile skill set allowed me to seamlessly transition into planning and overseeing operations on a larger scale, enabling me to coordinate diverse elements such as transportation, accommodation, and activities.

Prior to joining Coquille Bonheur, I had garnered significant experience with well-known destination management companies. This varied background has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the industry, further enhancing my ability to deliver outstanding results.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I have a passion for travel and exploration. I often immerse myself in different cultures as a fuel for my motivation to create extraordinary travel experiences for others. With my extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and collaborative mindset, I am strongly committed in driving Coquille Bonheur's mission of providing sustainable and unforgettable travel experiences for each client.

Why Coquille Bonheur?

At Coquille Bonheur, we have a team driven by passion, expertise, and a genuine desire to deliver exceptional journeys. We go above and beyond to ensure that every travel experience is seamless, memorable, and environmentally conscious. With us, you'll not only explore incredible destinations but also contribute to positive change in the world of travel.