It is in Coquille Bonheur plan to create a Green Club to educate and promote environmental awareness and encourage an eco-friendlier lifestyle among students and teenagers in partnership with Polytechnics Mauritius, Ministry of Education, Friends in Tourism Association with the support of the Ministry of Environment. We need to face the historical environmental degradation pertaining to the loss of native forests, sugarcane plantations, influx of rodents and non-native species that had a significant impact on the island's ecology.

Main Initial Focus:

  • The dangers of swimming with Turtles, Whales and Dolphins and the walk with lions or any activity with animals in captivity. A glimpse into the “Blood Lions Association".
  • Wetland Mangrove Preservation and Beach clean-up
  • Reforestation
  • The necessity to consume local products
  • Educational events with guest lectures and workshops about sustainable practices.
  • Acquaintance with The Code for the protection of Children again sexual abuse in Tourism