Severe Tropical Storm CALVINIA. A cyclone warning Class II is in force in Mauritius

Fifth cyclone bulletin for Mauritius issued at 0430 hours on Monday 30 December 2019.
CALVINIA has intensified during the night and is now a severe tropical storm.
At 0400 hours the Severe Tropical Storm CALVINIA was centred at about 120 km almost to the east of Mahebourg in latitude 20.7 degrees south and longitude 58.8 degrees east. It is moving towards the south-south-west at a slower speed of about 15 km/h.
On this trajectory  it continues to approach Mauritius while intensifying.
A slight recurvature of its trajectory towards the south west  will bring its  centre still closer to Mauritius and cause a further deterioration of the weather.

A cyclone warning Class II is in force in Mauritius.

The public in Mauritius is advised to maintain all preliminary precautions.

Active cloud bands asociated with CALVINIA are influencing weather over Mauritius causing intermittent rain. The rain will be moderate to heavy at times with thunderstorms. There may be accumulation of water in certain places.

Wind will blow from the south at about 30-40 km/h strengthening with gusts which may reach 110 km/h.

The sea will be very rough with swells.
Venture at sea is strictly not advised.

A cyclone warning class II is in force in Mauritius. The next bulletin will be issued at around 1010 hours.