Since Summer 2019 CB started a sustainability project in Albion Leisure Park.

The project in itself consists of the embellishment of the space and the planting of endemic plants by clients for the Welfare of Albion inhabitants in particular and Mauritius, as a tourist destination, in general, creating environmental protection awareness thus adapt to the negative impacts of climate change by increasing carbon sinks.  

We were pleased to welcome Mr Samir Abattouy from London on the 19.10.19 who contributed in the restoration of the park by planting his first endemic tree.

You may also be part of this project and be a leader in the fight against climate change and help to restore this community park today. 

At Coquille Bonheur we will take care of all the arrangements needed or else you may choose to opt for a local botanist and offer funding for the endemic plant corner embelishment. 

This tree planting programme marks our genuine commitment to customers wanting to sustainably offset their carbon footprint and contribute to the environment restoration, embracing the principles of sustainability.