Pope's Visit: The Journey Of The Procession
The one-day visit of Pope Francis will mobilize 5,000 police officers, almost half of the police force. The modalities were discussed in Central Barracks yesterday afternoon, Monday, 2 September. The police will be hard at work as soon as the Holy Father arrives at SSR airport until his departure in the evening. Moreover, the police and the diocese look into the path that will be carried out by the procession of the pope. It will take the highway to Place d'Armes and then go to St. Louis Cathedral. 

There is also the possibility that he takes the road from Bell-Village and goes through Marie Reine de la Paix. From Port Louis to St. Croix, the pope will take the road to Quai D, the Military Road and Abercrombie. He will make the same journey for Réduit. What about schedules? It is at 10:40 am that Pope Francis will land in Mauritius. After the ceremony, he is expected at the Cathedral of St. Louis around 11:40. In the meantime, youngsters from the Ministry of Youth will offer a spiritual animation from 9 am to 11:15 am. Mass will begin around 12:15 pm to end around 1:45 pm. Around 4:25 pm, Pope Francis will be aboard the popemobile on the road leading to the vault of Father Laval to greet the faithful.

Several closed roads in Port Louis
All the streets leading to the Marie Reine de la Paix monument will be converted into pedestrian zones from 4 am to 6 pm on Monday 9 September. They will therefore be closed to traffic. The following are involved: part of Volcy-Pougnet, Labourdonnais, Orléans, Old Moka Road, Mgr Leen, Dauphine, Suffren and George Guibert Streets. However, those with a "pass", including volunteers and service providers, will have access to the site. The police will establish checkpoints at Dauphine, Corderie, GMD Atchia and Eugène-Laurent Junction.

In addition, the faithful coming from the North and the East will have a parking area of 5,000 places in the Champ-de-Mars area. And those leaving the South, the West will have access to parking Newton, Les Salines and Hindu House, 10,000 seats. Seniors, the sick or disabled are welcome to use the shuttle service provided.

Buses, minibuses and other vehicles carrying groups of faithful must disembark their passengers at Brabant street and then go to the car parks of Champ-de-Mars, Newton and Les Salines. On the other hand, the Place 'Marie Reine de la Paix' will be closed to the public Sunday from 1 pm and will be open the next day at 6 am.