Born To Live Wild – A PLEDGE For Wildlife

We are proud to announce that we recently signed the Blood Lions Campaign and supports the end to the breeding, canned hunting and commercial exploitation of wild animal species.

Blood Lions® has brought the horrors of predator breeding, canned hunting and a variety of other exploitative activities involving lions and other species to the world’s attention in a way that has not been achieved before. While so many others have been involved in different ways over the last decade and more, and their contributions have been and will continue to be meaningful and significant, the films powerful visual narrative as well as the global campaign have provided a compelling call to action to have these practices stopped.

Currently over 8 000 predators, mostly lion and cheetah, are being held in captivity in South Africa to be used in canned hunting as well as exploitative tourism activities such as cub petting, ‘walking with lion’ attractions and volunteer tourism. By interacting with ‘wild’ animals in captivity, you are contributing to the never-ending cycle of cruelty and abuse. It is important to note that these same animals you interact with may well have been bred under intensive agricultural conditions and if they are not shot in a hunt, could end up as part of the lion bone trade:

With support from the wider conservation community and the global tourism industry, as well as millions of concerned citizens, the Blood Lions Campaign is now owned by everyone that supports an end to the breeding, canned hunting and commercial exploitation of wild animal species.

Coquille Bonheur Logo is actually present on the official website of Blood Lions - 'Born to Live Wild'

For those not yet committed, we ask that you consider joining the campaign by signing the Born to Live Wild pledge.