We are proud to announce that our 'Tree Plantation Project' recently appeared in the London news 'This is Local London'.

A UK tour operator will plant 5,000 trees to restore a park within 12 months.

Airworld Tours Limited, an Edgware tour operator run by Mauritius Holidays Direct, will invest into a Mauritius tree planting programme to offset the companies carbon footprint and to help restore Albion Leisure Park, Mauritius.

The scheme, which has been in operation for two years, will be delivered in partnership with Mauritius tour operator partners, Coquille Bonheur. Visitors to the leisure park can already see some trees that have been planted since the scheme began.

Endemic trees from sustainably managed nurseries in the Black River District in Mauritius will be sourced to supply the plantation.

Jamil Shahid of Mauritius Holidays Direct, said: “We want to offset the travel of all our Mauritius customers, both the 50,000 who have already visited Mauritius through us as well as our customers of the future.

“We’ll be sharing updates on our website so that we can be transparent about our results. We believe in planting trees both here and in the UK, the world needs more trees.”

Holiday makers using the tour operators’ services can choose to visit the park and help plant their trees, or support local botanists involved with the project to plant the trees on their behalf.