Since the beginning of the year we have been involved in various Eco friendly projects and participated this Sunday in a 'Mega National Cleaning Embellishment Campaign' at Blue Bay Beach to continue our efforts towards environmental awareness and sustainability.

The Mega National Cleaning and Embellishment Campaign is a long term project organised by the Government of Mauritius to be held on Friday 12 July, Saturday 13 July and Sunday 14 July 2019 in all regions of the country.

'The Clean Up Mauritius and Embellishment Campaign has been set up to initiate actions and to ensure an effective coordination between the public and private agencies responsible for cleaning and maintenance, and take action for the prompt cleanliness of various regions of the country. The Campaign is based on a multi-sectoral approach and community participation.” said the government.

We were pleased to be engaged in such a project and encourages the local community to continue the efforts towards sustainability for a better environment to live in.