The meet and greet of the group at the airport was already particularly neat. The receptive agent Coquille Bonheur had organized a group of musicians, sega dancers , prepared necklaces of flowers, braided hats and flutes of champagne for the occasion. Once on the bus, a few kilometers from the Tamassa Bel Ombre, new surprise, police stop the two buses, got inside and evoke a passport problem that requires an immediate passage to the police station. The buses then stopped at a parking by the sea where an aperitif buffet was prepared by the Tamassa team. First effect of surprise! In Tamassa, actions are preferred to theory. The teams have therefore planned new events throughout the evening. The setting of the meal was unusual. The spa pool was completely emptied for a large table. A few hours later, everything will be completely reorganized to fill the foam pool and turn the spa into a nightclub!

The next day, after a more conventional tour of the four stars, departure for LUX * Le Morne in a minibus. On the beach, champagne and grilled meat, freshly caught sea urchins, water sports, spa. Here, we put on an experiential tour of this iconic site, under the imposing mountain of Le Morne Brabant. A young woman, Yvette, sings marvelously. We savor the moment. Later, Jeremy de Fombelle, the director tells the initiatives carried out on the spot to limit the food waste, crucial problem of the hotel industry. The "Zero Food Waste" project was launched on site. At the end of the day, the buffets that were thrown away are now frozen and then redistributed to local schools or orphanages. Le Morne is currently the only hotel in the Indian Ocean engaged in sorting and managing food. Its team organized a forum in January to raise the awareness of the hotel sector in Mauritius about this issue.

After this great moment at Le Morne, the next stop is at LUX * Grand Gaube, in the north of Mauritius. The fully revamped and modernized hotel will welcome travel agents for two days.