Triumphal entry into Jerusalem where the crowds laid palm-fronds at his feet. Holy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper, held the evening before the Crucifixion. Friday in Holy Week is the anniversary of the Crucifixion, the day when Christ died on the cross. As from Thursday night, the Church bells will stop ringing until Easter Sunday in many countries including Mauritius.

 Legend has it that the bells go to Rome, bring Easter eggs back and hide them in the gardens for children to find on Sunday. After the forty-day period of penance, people of Catholic faith will be celebrating the major festival of the Church, which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Eggs play an important part in the Easter celebrations. However, some sources say that the symbol of the egg is much older than Easter. It is said to be the universal symbol of life and rebirth.

 In Ancient Egypt, for instance, they used to paint eggs in spring colours and offer them to their relatives as a symbol of life renewal. In Italy, hostesses have their eggs blessed and place them at the centre of the table, which has especially been laid for the occasion. All the other dishes are displayed all around.

Coquille Bonheur wish you a Happy Easter ! 

Source: lexpress.mu


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