We are glad to welcome Mr Charles Pasi and his crew on the island for a unique private concert which will be held on the 5th April at 'La Potiniere' Restaurant in Ebene in partnership with Bao Communications. 

Charles Pasi Biographie

Born of an Italian father and a French mother, accustomed while still young to return trips between France and the United States, de facto a European, Charles Pasi signed with Blue Note in 2015, for three albums. Blue Note: the real, the one and only, the legendary label that Don Was runs today. Charles Pasi, the only French singer who can say as much. There was one posthumous record by Nougaro, of course. But that's all. Before, the thirty-year-old had scoured the roads of the planet defending “Sometimes Awake”, his previous album released in 2013. France, Europe, China, and Neil Young, who personally decided to take him on his French dates, five Zenith gigs and one at Bercy over the summer in 2016. With no noise, no insane media campaigns behind him, by our reckoning this makes it already ten years that Charles Pasi has been skirting around the codes, slaloming through the gates of the obvious, to write his own destiny. With a harmonica, a pen, a heart that overflows, and the feeling that this is what he's here for. His music has this rare faculty of being able to convene all those still capable of being moved, far from any notion of coming to terms with death.

In fact, when you think about it, Charles Pasi doesn't make records; no, what he does is simply continue writing his private diary. It deals with the privacy of the world, of course, since one's navel is always no more than a starting point, and never a purpose. Pasi is receptive, sensitive, and incapable of looking away; his lucidity—all nine lives of it—is something that he would sometimes prefer being able to forget; and he possesses that rare thing in these troubled times: a vision without judgement. A poetry of fragile balance that relates this world of ours, a world at once beautiful and frightening, immense and minute, past and future, adorable and to be burned. That's Bricks.