“Practicing our profession with passion and serving the destination with constructive love”

For nearly 12 years, “Coquille Bonheur” has been forging a unique path in the Mauritian tourism industry. This path is that of a man, Christian Lefèvre, who has a certain idea of tourism, far from the beaten track and stereotypes. Slayer of the All-Inclusive, knight of the top of the range and good taste, he has an unshakeable faith in the hospitality of Mauritians and their ability to make the holidays of our visitors totally unique. In this exclusive interview he looks back on the course of "Coquille Bonheur" and puts the first brushstrokes on the painting he intends to paint for the next 12 years.

1. Tailor-made service is the hallmark of Coquille Bonheur. How far can we go in personalization without distorting the natural experience of the customer?
You were the first to whom I gave an interview just after the launch of Coquille Bonheur almost 12 years ago. I told you at the time that we will focus on service, service and service at the top of the range and certainly not in the bling bling and the superficial. It is top of the range in all its splendor and simplicity, happiness, nothing but Happiness, a state of complete satisfaction and plenitude.

Your question is timely. This "distortion" I unfortunately see in imitating competitors who end up in counterfeiting and confusion. At home, our team continues to demonstrate a special talent for practicing our profession, serving with a constructive love for the destination, passion for its work and an unwavering vocation to ensure the well-being of visitors. In the end, we are just the Guardian Angel for our customers.

2. What are the wishes expressed most often by your clients when they arrive in Mauritius?
All for the best in the best of all possible worlds! That we Mauritians, we continue to be ourselves with in the soul the spirit of welcome and that we keep this mile-long smile so natural.

3. Do you think we run the risk that the Mauritian population will become less and less welcoming to tourists?

“Living the elusive and not the all-inclusive”!!! Let's avoid "tourismophobia".
Mauritius is a fragile island economy. Tourism must absolutely contribute to the height of the expectations of the population. Since the creation of Coquille Bonheur, I have pleaded for a plural and fruitful partnership in favor of fair tourism, community and sustainable over time. The All Inclusive is irreconcilable with the maturity of our industry and future prospects. Mass tourism will destroy itself and produce harmful effects on the population. They often feel marginalized and proletarianized.

The success of the tourism industry will depend on the engagement of the population and vice versa. The Mauritian must feel concerned and not change the meaning of hospitality, on the contrary. Every Mauritian has a role in promoting Mauritius as a tourist destination. It's not all about the tourist recipe but about the human component, the sympathy, the welcome and, of course, the quality of the products.

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