Pamplemousses Botanical Garden / Le Jardin de Pamplemousses – Mauritius

The Pamplemousses Garden situated in the village of the same name, covering an area of 33 Hectares, is the most popular attraction, most visited tourist place and the oldest botanical garden in the southern hemisphere. It was created in 1770 by the French Intendant Pierre Poivre, during the governorship of Mahé de Labourdonnais, who introduced plant species, vegetables, fruits and flowers from around the world.

During the French occupation, the Garden has been renamed successively as “Jardin de Mon Plaisir, “Jardin des Plantes”, Le Jardin National de l’Ile de France, “Jardin Royal”, “Jardin Botanique des Pamplemousses”, and during the British Colonisation as “The Royal Botanical Gardens of Pamplemousses” and last but not least “The Royal Botanic Gardens, Pamplemousses”. On 17 September 1988, the garden was named again as “Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden, named after the then Prime Minister of Mauritius. His funerary monument (Samadhi) is found near the Chateau de Mon Plaisir.

This is what politics do to famous places but we locals we will always call it “Jardin Pamplemousses”!!! Once you cross the impressive whitish iron-wrought gates which by the way are from Crystal Palace in London, you would then understand why it is so popular. The garden is home to the spectacle giant waterlilies, Eucalyptus trees, spices, ebonies, sugar canes, an amazing variety of palms trees and an abundant bird life. One of the icons being the Talipot Palm. Many trees have been planted by world leaders and royalty. Check the commemorative plaques and monuments of interest. Before exiting do not miss Lotus flowers, the deers and the giant Aldabra tortoises.

The notable Pamplemousses Garden is enjoyable to stroll through and explore. It takes a few hours to complete or it can be shortened to much lesser time, as you wish. We highly recommend our visitors to make the garden one of their holiday highlights. Go to this beautiful relaxing setting, full of history, beauty, charm, serenity, uniqueness and enjoy the nature in its splendour. I have been accompanying clients, friends and relatives there on countless occasions and I have always left the garden being inspired, revitalised and mentally refreshed.

“I feel good”

Christian Lefèvre