“LUX Mice” Welcomed By “Coquille Bonheur” With A Dance “Dandiya Raas”
Coquille Bonheur innovates again. With his usual class. To welcome "LUX Mice" from South Africa, Christian Lefèvre's boutique-tour operator has opted,

it's a first, has a dance demonstration “Dandiya Rass”.

This innovation, as expected, sparked enthusiasm and curiosity at the airport. As for the group, he was amazed by the now legendary welcome from Coquille Bonheur.

“We would like to sincerely thank Coquille Bonheur for this spectacular welcome at the airport. The group particularly liked this very cheerful welcome which set the tone of our visit to Mauritius”, declared Tamarin Transell, the “tour leader”.

Originally from the state of Gujarat but now very widespread in India and in countries with a large population of Indian origin, the dance "Dandiya Raas" is the dance of celebration and cosmic communion par excellence. It is danced with sticks that are hit rhythmically.