Anoushka Shankar took the audience on a powerful three-part journey through her latest album 'Land Of Gold' during her show at Trianon Convention Center and earned a standing ovation for her efforts.What an amazing surprise for all of us discovering the beauty of sitar music from talented and divine Anoushka Shankar!

When she took the stage, looking fresh-faced, Anoushka was joined by three men all dressed in traditional kurta. They took their places behind their respective instruments; Tom Farmer behind a Korg synthesizer, Manu Delago among a menagerie of percussive instruments, and shehnai player Sanjay Shankar sits cross-legged on the right hand side of the stage. Right smack in the middle of the spacious setting is the stunning Anoushka. Long, slow synthesizer drones waft over the crowd, and Anoushka eventually joins with delicate sitar notes. The opening song ‘Remain The Sea’ begins the first portion of the three-part show based on her latest album Land Of Gold, a record which illustrates the plight of refugees. The notes of the shehnai, a traditional Indian reed instrument, slither into the song and it is a much welcome addition. The instrument’s almost-nasal qualities provide an expressive voice that says so much without any real words.

We were all mesmerized and captivated by the music she was playing with her trio of musicians; a sound which unites humanity.

We were proud to be part of this exceptional event with Bao Comm in Mauritius.