The wildest and most beautiful landscapes of the island are definitely found in the South of Mauritius! Famous for its many nature reserves, breathtaking sceneries, wild nature, mountains, parks and plenty of attractions and sights to visit the South has so much to offer and explore.

There you will find sandy beaches bordered by cliffs carved by waves, rocky shores, sugar cane fields as far as the eye can see, and mountainous terrains offering magnificent panoramas.  Find below our selection of the must see places of the South of the island.

Mahebourg is one of the main fishing villages on the island, built along the shore of the immense bay of Grand Port. Founded in 1804 by the French Governor Charles Decaen, Mahebourg witnessed the only Napoleonic naval victory over the English in 1810. Pointe Canon in Mahebourg is an excellent place to photograph Lion Mountain and the Grand Port mountain range to the left of it. Ilôt Mouchoir Rouge with Ile aux Aigrettes to the right are also worthy of a place in the photo album.

Grand Bassin (also known as Ganga Talao) is a lake situated 6km South East of Mare aux Vacoas in a secluded mountain area in the district of Savanne, deep in the heart of Mauritius. It is about 1800 feet (550m) above sea level. Grand Bassin with its Hindu temple is a holy lake for Mauritians of Hindu faith. The lake rests in the crater of an extinct volcano. It is said that the water inside the lake communicates with the waters of the holy Ganges of India.

Black River Gorges being the largest national park in Mauritius a photostop at the paromanic viewpoint of the Black River Gorges is a must. Famous for its waterfalls, the gorge is in the central highlands, making it cooler than much of the island. The park extends over an area of 6,754 hectares. It harbors about 311 species of native and endemic flowering plants and 9 species of birds, which are found only in Mauritius.

Chamarel Waterfall & Seven Coloured Earth

As part of Chamarel: The Ultimate Discovery, take the chance to view the gorgeous Chamarel waterfall. By many it is considered the most beautiful waterfall of Mauritius. Three distinct streams plunge down almost 100 meters from the St. Denis River, down into the gorge. The sight of this impressive waterfall against the scenic forests and mountains is truly breathtaking.

The “Seven-Coloured Earth” of Chamarel on its side is a geological curiosity and a major tourist attraction in Mauritius. It is a small (7500 m2) area of strikingly bare landscape located within a large, dense forest. The earth is particularly unusual as it was created by volcanic rocks that cooled at different temperatures, allowing the earth to form beautiful patterns of colour on the exposed hillsides.

The Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park is home to various species of animals, reptiles and plants. This park is set in a beautiful rain forested valley with natural freshwater springs, full of prawns and fish. As part of your visit to the Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park, the park’s guides will guide you through some unforgettable walks, and you will stroll through luxuriant greenery where banana trees, palm trees and giant bamboos provide shade for the crocodiles and the giant tortoises.

Gris – Gris village; Found at the Southern tip of Mauritius the appeal of Gris Gris lies in its scenery, the high cliffs here drop abruptly to the sea and the bracing winds of the Indian Ocean blow all year round. Gris-Gris is well known for its sea cliff and this is definitely a sight worth seeing.

Rochester Falls out of Souillac in a very nice setting is also absolutely lovely to visit. Being one of the best waterfalls in Mauritius it is set in a rugged, wild and lush green landscape. The Rochester Falls are perfect as well for escaping the sun and relaxing in the water while admiring your surrounding. You can enjoy the beauty in silence and the playful will enjoy themselves as well.