Accuracy, comfort, professionalism and friendliness! If you have never made a transfer by Coquille Bonheur, the experience is really worth trying. In an immaculate car, with wifi, you let yourself be taken care of from departure to arrival. The driver-guide, multilingual, who is at the wheel, affable, will know how to respect your rest if you are tired, or your curiosity if you want to take advantage of your trip to or from the airport to get information.

“We cover the whole island in transfers and also offer personalized excursions. Our philosophy is to affirm a difference through a rejection of stereotypical activities, to fight against the creeping standardization of services. To achieve this we will provide the most prestigious services in order to make you discover the best of Mauritius” emphasizes Christian Lefèvre, the Managing Director.

Coquille Bonheur has a fleet of high-end vehicles from Jaguar, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes, other class SUVs and luxury coaches, models combining concern for safety, efficiency and comfort. These three aspects are essential in the policy of “Coquille Bonheur”

The quality of its services has made "Coquille Bonheur" a trustworthy company, with which you can build a lasting relationship for all your transfer needs. Your driver-guide is at your entire disposal, will be able to follow your instructions to the letter and scrupulously respect the scheduled times.

The testimonials of the customers are at the height of the implication of the team. Like this testimonial from the client Casoli left on the site: “Regarding 'Coquille bonheur', they are aptly named, it's a joy, really. I can't remember ever having been taken care of in such an efficient, professional and pleasant way. Until the airport where two people were there to register our luggage, really perfect. Both excursions were perfect with a very friendly guide who knew his island perfectly, a real plus. Your two correspondents Nisha and Sharon are very pleasant and adorable. »

If you are looking for a high-end transfer, where Mauritian hospitality is matched only by professionalism, look no further. Coquille Bonheur will transport you to happiness...

Reference:  ilemaurice-tourisme.info