The cruise season in Mauritius started this morning with the docking of “Costa Victoria”. “Coquille Bonheur” is in charge of the logistics, having once again won the call for tenders. “Costa Victoria”, let us note, 2600 passengers on board.

As a ground agent, Coquille Bonheur manages transfers from the airport to the port and vice versa, excursions, as well as reception until passengers board the boats. Coquille Bonheur also benefits from the passage liners to take tourists to meet the best Mauritius has to offer. All discovery excursions are organized taking into account the expectations of passengers. Emphasis is placed on innovative excursions, off the beaten track, to allow guests to get a real taste of Mauritian authenticity and the Mauritian way of life.

Commissioned in 1996 by the company Costa Cruises, part of the large Carnival Corp group, the Costa Victoria has been sailing since then on waters around the world, in particular by offering cruises in the Indian Ocean with stopovers in paradisiacal landscapes on the Mauritius and the Seychelles. Its construction began in Germany to end in Norway, where it had been bought after the bankruptcy of the German shipyards.

Longer than its cousins, the Costa Classica and Costa Romantica, it is two hundred and fifty-two meters long. Its elongated design allows it to navigate canals like the Panama Canal, which is small in width and therefore offers a cruise in America. Renovated twice, in 2004 and then in 2013, the liner is inspired in its style by Italian and Nordic cultures. The most important renovation extended it by offering new balconies for the accommodations facing the outside, large terraces and a promenade deck with a panoramic view where passengers can walk all along the liner. 

This extension now makes it possible to accommodate on board the Costa Victoria two thousand three hundred and ninety-four passengers. Travelers are accompanied throughout their stay by approximately seven hundred and ninety crew members. So that all these people can evolve on the liner, fourteen decks are at their disposal: twelve are reserved for activities on board as well as accommodation and two others, exclusively for the crew. On these decks are distributed nine sixty-four cabins of four different types: interior, exterior, with balcony or resembling a suite. They are all equipped with essential amenities to ensure comfort during the trip.

Almost all of the cabins have a balcony thanks to the extension carried out, which allows travelers to enjoy beautiful views from their accommodation. The common areas of the liner are places of entertainment, relaxation and entertainment. Thanks to imposing skylights, the atrium is flooded with exterior light.

The decoration is resolutely turned towards the sea, which makes it rather classic and luxurious. For example, the restaurants are equipped with very large bay windows that allow you to eat facing the sea, as in the Concorde Plaza restaurant. Unique works of art are displayed throughout the boat and luxury materials are used to dress its interior. One of the bars, the Capriccio bar, for example, is decorated with the glass mosaic of Emilio Tadini, a renowned Italian writer, painter and sculptor.

"Coquille Bonheur", which continues to outdo the biggest "DMC" of Mauritius, in the field of cruises, will soon welcome "AIDAblu" and "AIDAura", which will have 2400 and 1200 passengers on board.