"Mauritius Tourism Awards 2017": Sun Resorts And Coquille Bonheur At The Top Of The Poster!

The best of the 2017 hotel class are known! Internet users readers of "Mauritius Tourism" have made their choice as every year for six years now and have placed the group Sun Resorts and DMC Coquille Bonheur headlining. 

The group Sun Resorts , which has been engaged for several years in a total "revamp" of their installation and a sharper positioning of their products is, logically, rewarded by the most prestigious award of "Mauritius Tourism Awards": the hotel group of year.

As for "Coquille Bonheur", probably the most incisive and creative shop-tour operator in Mauritius, he sees his efforts being rewarded with the coveted "DMC of the Year" award, just the return of things for this human-sized tour operator who has made authentic discovery of Mauritius and the excellence of its services its two spearheads.

Launched six years ago, the "Mauritius Tourism Awards", have become an annual event that allows all operators to compete against others through the vote of Internet users. For this edition we recorded 67,850 votes from Mauritius and around the world, from both the general public and the professional world.

"These Mauritius Tourism Awards are designed to celebrate quality and excellence at all levels of the Mauritian tourism industry. They will also, I hope, create standards and references that will allow the industry to evolve positively, "said Jean-Joseph Permal, founder and director of

" The culture of the excellence, quality and innovation, we are convinced, is essential for the future of the Mauritian tourism industry. It is at this level, as much as by a more assertive Mauritian identity, that the difference will be made compared to the competing countries , "he adds.

The short list of nominees, which is submitted to the vote of the interning is the work of the Chief Editor of Mauritius Tourism and its advisers, all specialists in tourism in Mauritius and abroad. "This list reflects, as closely as possible, the tourist year 2017 which we are the privileged witnesses to" underlines Jean-Joseph Permal

1.What is the best hotel group of the year?
1.Sun Resorts, 2.LUX * Resorts, 3. Constance Hotels, Resorts and Golf, 4. Attitude Resorts, 5. Veranda Leisure and Hospitality (Heritage Resorts).

2.What is the five-star luxury hotel of the year?
1.Constance The Prince Mauritius, 2. Maradiva Villas & Spa, 3. LUX * Belle Mare, 4. Four Seasons at Anahita, 5. Heritage The Telfair

3.What is the hotel group that best puts forward the Mauritian identity?
1.Attitude Resorts, 2.LUX * Resorts, 3. Veranda Leisure & Hospitality, 4. Sun Resorts, 5. Constance Hotels Resorts and Golf

4.What is the best golf hotel of the year?
1.Constance Belle Mare Beach, 2. Four Seasons at Anahita; 3. Heritage The Telfair 4.The Touessrok, 5. The Paradise

5. Which is the most romantic hotel of the year?
1.Constance The Prince Mauritius, 2. Paradise Cove, 3. Maradiva Villas, 4. Four Seasons and Anahita, 5. Hotel 20 Degrees South

6. Which hotel has the best spa of the year?
1.Maritim Resort & Spa, 2. Lux Belle Mare, 3. Constance Belle Mare Beach, 4. Constance Le Prince Maurice, 5. One & Only Le Saint Géran

7. What is the best hotel in terms of price / quality?
1. Zilwa Attitude 2. Persil BeachResort, 3. The Sands, 4. La Pirogue, 5. Solana Beach

8.What is the most creative hotel of the year?
1. LUX * Belle Mare, 2.Zilwa Attitude, 3. Four Seasons at Anahita, 4. Maritim Resort & Spa, 5. Westin Turtle Bay.

9. Which is the most socially engaged hotel group?
1. Sun Resorts, 2. Beachcomber, 3. LUX * Resorts, 4. Attitude Resorts, 5. Constance Hotels Resorts and Golf

10. What is the most authentically Mauritian hotel of the year?
1. Zilwa Attitude, 2. La Pirogue, 3. LUX * Belle Mare, 4. Veranda Grand Baie

11. Which is the best boutique hotel of the year?
1.Tamarina Boutique Hotel, 2. Paradise Cove, 3. 20 South degrees, 4. La Palmeraie, 5. Baystone Boutique Hotel

12. Which is the best Small and Medium Hotel / Lodge in Mauritius? Lodge of Mauritius?
1. Lakaz Chamarel, 2. The Summer House, 3. The Bird of Paradise, 4. St Aubin's Inn

13. What is the best tour operator (DMC) of the year?
1. Coquille Bonheur, 2. Summertimes, 3. Emotions, 4.Kreola, 5. Mautourco

15. Which is the best airline of the Year?
1. Emirates, 2. Air Mauritius, 3. Air France, 4. Corsair, 5. Lufthansa

16. What is the tourist activity of the year?
1. Catamaran Cruises, 2. Walk with Lions, 3. Pamplemousses Garden, 4. Great Basin, 5. Dolphin Watching

17. What is the Park of the Year?
1. Casela, 2. The Vanilla Reserve of Mascarenes, 3. The Valley of Colors

18.What is the Museum of the Year?
1 The Sugar Adventure, 2. Blue Penny Museum, 3. Port Louis Museum, 4. Mauritius Postal Museum, 5. Fort Hendrick Museum

19.What is the IRS of the Year?
1.Vilas Valriche, 2. Azuri, 3. Anahita Residences and Villas, 4. Marina Tag, 5. Club Med Villas

20. What is the best hotel in Rodrigues?
1. Cotton Bay, 2. Mourouk Ebony, 3. La Belle Rodriguaise, 4. Tekoma

Translated from 'Ile Maurice Tourisme Info':