Golden Dodo 'Valuable Partner Award' from Air Mauritius


Gratitude cascades forth, as we extend our heartfelt thanks to Air Mauritius for bestowing upon us the Golden Dodo "Valuable Partner Award" yesterday afternoon. Amidst the vibrant tapestry of this week's MK Annual Sales Meeting, Coquille Bonheur stood in reverence, humbly embracing the privilege of partaking in this distinguished gathering.
17 years ago, the creation of Coquille Bonheur sprang forth from the fertile soil of passion, nurturing a vision to curate unparalleled experiences deeply rooted in the rich soil of the tourism industry. Our journey, adorned with myriad hues of exploration across the landscapes of Comoros, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Seychelles, has intertwined seamlessly with the realms of aviation and Destination Management Companies (DMCs).
Today, Coquille Bonheur stands as a beacon of sustainable development, heralding the dawn of a new era, adorned with the coveted Gold Distinction bestowed upon us by the inaugural Sustainable Tourism Mauritius Award, followed by the Blue Oasis Certification by Mauritius Standard Bureau. At the core of our ecological stewardship and responsible travel endeavours lies the profound ethos of humanity, guiding our unwavering commitment to harmonise with nature and uplift the local communities.