We are glad to share with you some highlights of our EOY party at 'L'aventure du sucre' on December 23rd, 2023!

During this momentous occasion, we had the pleasure of recognizing our outstanding employees who have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance throughout the year. From the coveted Special Recognition award to the prestigious Star of the Year award and the Sales Performance award, each recipient has truly earned their accolades. Congratulations to all our incredible award winners! We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us for the celebration, contributing to an unforgettable evening filled with delectable dinner delights, captivating music, and fantastic vibes.

In a surprising turn of events, Mr. Christian Lefèvre, our esteemed Managing Director, captivated us all with a special announcement during his speech. With excitement in the air, he unveiled a special incentive for each and every one of us, further fueling our motivation and dedication to excellence.

As we approach the holiday season, we extend our warmest wishes for joyous and festive celebrations ahead. May this time be filled with laughter, love, and cherished moments with family and friends. Here's to a bright and prosperous future for all!

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