It is a partnership that highlights the sharing of values, the love of Mauritius and brings more visibility to the Mauritian creative community! Coquille Bonheur and My Pop Up Store Mauritius have joined forces to promote the know-how and skills of the two entities.

» At the École des Beaux-Arts I had created several works around the happiness shell, called 'cauri'. The history of our Island has been built around this shell, sometimes a sign of wealth, sometimes money, sometimes a divinatory tool. A mysterious and powerful shell that announced Already beyond the artistic design, the advent of this new adventure with 'Coquille Bonheur' underlines Elizabeth De Marcy Chelin.

“My meeting with Aurélie and Christian from Coquille Bonheur happened during the Sustainable Island Mauritius Award Ceremony. Both rewarded for our commitment during this ceremony, our meeting proved to be obvious. Coquille Bonheur and My Pop-Up Store share the same values. We proudly work for the promotion of our Mauritius and its know-how. We are committed to preserving the authenticity of our Island and we want to give meaning to our jobs through community work.

Together, we wish to support the craftsmen of our Mauritius Island: creation of creative paths, discoveries of craft workshops, local shops, our collaboration will allow local craftsmen and creators to gain visibility and to be favored by those who make the choice. Local, authenticity and originality.
We are ready, enthusiastic and happy to work with Coquille Bonheur so that our My Pop-Up Store project shines across the Island and abroad. Collaboration to follow, Local Experience to discover! “My pop up store Mauritius” she adds.

For Christian Lefèvre, this collaboration is in line with the company's commitment to sustainable tourism. “Even more than ever, Coquille Bonheur continues to aim higher and to commit passionately to a more responsible, sustainable and inclusive tourism that affects the three spheres of the economy, the social and the environment. We unconditionally approach the future with a deep respect for nature and people, emphasizing community sharing. We provide our privileged partners with a choice of a more human, more local and more authentic hotel industry and we encourage customers to discover majestic landscapes, unparalleled natural and cultural diversity, by engaging in local experiences. . “ he underlines.

“We are happy to partner with My pop up store Mauritius and with all the will to put into practice a tourism that helps the local population and the environment. Craftsmen and creators have their place in this sector of activity. We congratulate Elizabeth and her entire team for promoting and highlighting the know-how of local artisans. “ he concluded.

Source: Mauritius