After the resounding success of the special flights from Scandinavia for the Easter holidays last April, 600 customers from Oslo and Copenhagen landed again in Mauritius on 1 and 15 October. These flights are specially chartered by "Blixen Tours", a company based in Scandinavia, which has offices in Norway and Denmark.

Blixen Tours is a Danish and Norwegian travel agency specializing in organizing trips to Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Middle East. “We create great travel experiences that make a difference and are unforgettable, filled with happiness. Whatever we do, we do it with all our heart. We never compromise on quality or safety. Mauritius is one of our main destinations, and a popular destination for our customers. Blixen Tours set up this operation in partnership with the MTPA and with the logistical support of “Coquille Bonheur” underlines Heine Sorensen, Founder and Owner, who is currently staying at the 5-star Oberoi hotel. We will certainly continue this concept in 2023 he adds in a statement to

Heine Sorensen is full of praise for his friend Christian Lefèvre, the owner and Managing Director of “Coquille Bonheur”, Incoming Tour Operator. “Coquille Bonheur is a great support in Mauritius for Blixen Tours. If there is a DMC in Mauritius that respects nature and protects the environment, it is Coquille Bonheur, which is unquestionably the best DMC in Mauritius and a benchmark for responsible, sustainable and inclusive tourism. They are a source of inspiration for us to get to know Mauritius and the beauty of this unique island.
The 600 passengers on these two exceptional flights – and who are calling for more in 2023 – mainly and exclusively stay in 5-star hotels.

Source: Blixen Tours