Jun C. Bjorbekk, owner and “Travel Designer” of “Blixen Tours” with Christian Lefèvre of Coquille Bonheur.

The very first direct flight between Scandinavia and Mauritius is now a reality! And this premiere we owe to “Blixen Tours”. 600 people were on these two flights specially chartered by "Blixen Tours", a company based in Scandinavia, and which has offices in Norway and Denmark.

“Mauritius is one of our main destinations, and a destination very popular with our customers. We are delighted that Mauritius is finally open to tourism, and we are delighted to be able to take our customers to this beautiful island again. underlines Jun C. Bjorbekk, owner and “Travel Designer” of “Blixen Tours” who set up this operation in partnership with the MTPA and with the logistical support of “Coquille Bonheur”.

Heine Sorensen (center), one of the directors and owners of Blixen Tours

“The pandemic has taught us that we need to 'think new', work smart and be creative. This is how the concept of direct flights to Mauritius was born. In addition to the daily travel operation, Blixen Tours has planned four direct charter flights to Mauritius in 2022, two from Oslo and two from Copenhagen. We are continuing this concept in 2023 and beyond. Finally, on April 9, our first two flights landed on this beautiful island, one from Oslo, the other from Copenhagen. Over six hundred people have stayed in over twenty magnificent properties spread across the island. All Blixen Tours customers enjoy their Easter holidays as a couple, family or between generations. she adds in an exclusive statement to ilemauricetourisme.info.

> Jeanet, Anne-Mette, Pia, Morten and Heine in front of the Blixen Tours private check-in area standing ready to hand out sweets and wish passengers a good trip to Mauritius.

Jun C. Bjorbekk is full of praise for Christian Lefèvre's boutique-tour operator. “Coquille Bonheur has been a great support in Mauritius for Blixen Tours and has been an inspiration for us to get to know Mauritius and the beauty of this unique island. They really take care of all the guests with heart, knowledge and hospitality. Our mission is, together with the Mauritian community, to create an unforgettable trip for guests from all over the world, and not only to show them the beautiful beaches and luxury resorts, but also the stories, diversity and local life of Mauritius. The most important thing is to positively influence each other as human beings through great experiences. »

The 600 passengers on these two exceptional flights – and who are calling for more – are staying in the JW Mariott, Shagri-la le Touessrok, Heritage Telfair, Westin, Awali and Sugar Beach hotels, among others.

Source: Mauritius Tourism.Info