Coquille Bonheur inaugurates a new era for its receptive brand, more than ever focused on responsible tourism and solidarity.

Coquille Bonheur is proud to unveil its new brand image during its end-of-year party, where guests, including employees, subcontractors, and friends of the DMC, celebrated in an extraordinary atmosphere, all amazed by the originality of the concept and especially the entertainment. With its new brand identity, Coquille Bonheur wishes to highlight its commitment to the community. 

"We live on a wonderful island full of charm and beauty. The diversity of our nation unites us in a meaningful way. As an entrepreneur, there comes a time in your business when you must pivot in a different direction. Our company has developed a signature, and we are at a crossroad.

In 16 years, we have created a solid foundation, and today we want to see our brand evolve. - 

Our identity is changing but continues to reflect our company and its objectives: those of a family business, proud of its Mauritian roots, of its community and environmental commitments, and proud to promote its island as a sustainable tourist destination.

In order to reach a new audience and rekindle the flame with our loyal clientele, we wish to offer them this new image, that of a renewed, refreshed shell that is always eager for human adventure.

This new image serves as a clear guideline to link all our media and services together! a strong image in which nature, the destination, and the well-being of all are central to our DMC-Receptive activity.

We would like to thank Elizabeth de Marcy Chelin-Chabert of the Insitu agency, who accompanied us in the elaboration of this project, which is so dear to our hearts, to illustrate our chemistry of sharing and communion with our local artisans.

Christian Lefèvre, Managing Director of Coquille Bonheur
December 20th, 2022

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