• Our request for the vaccines has been approved by Astra Zeneca Oxford and Pfizer; Mauritius will receive stock in due course.
  • If immunity lasts for six months, we will have to re-vaccinate thereafter. It will be an ongoing process until the virus is completely under control, or eradicated;
  • The vaccination campaign is being planed; 20% of vaccines will come from COVAX facility (we have already paid COVAX); Mauritius will buy vaccines for a further 40% of the population so we achieve herd immunity (60% of the population, 500,000 people);
  • Vaccination is voluntary and the Ministry of Health will provide sufficient information for people to decide what they want to do;In the 
  • Quarantine will be in place until Mauritius has established herd immunity.  In the future, its'possible that vaccinated passengers have free entry into the country while those who are not vaccinated are made to complete a fourteen-day quarantine period;
  • World-wide, vaccines are serving emergency needs for countries which are experiencing serious peaks. As Mauritius is COVID-safe, we will receive vaccines when the emergency needs of others have been satisfied
  • Priorities for vaccination will be documented in the National Deployment Paper.  Training is being planned for people who will administer the vaccines.
  • Covid variants are detectable and specialised equipment has been ordered to help us discover the variants when testing passengers.