Plastic Pollution
We, at Coquille Bonheur pledged to ban single-use plastics as part of our endeavour to significantly reduce our waste footprint and environmental impact, to clean up the environment and to leave our kids with a healthier future. Plastic pollution is definitely a global challenge for us. Last year we succeeded to ban all plastic products from our office at 33, Apollo Street in Roches Brunes. Our office bound staff who signed the pledged, totally cooperated and helped us with the project.

And today, I’m announcing the next step. We are excited to announce that only biodegradable paper cups of water will be offered to our esteemed clients at the airport and during excursions, in place of plastic water bottles. The Paper Cups have been tested under the ASTM D5511-11 method and shows positive biodegradable control after 52 days of incubation.

It is more than ever a challenge to Coquille Bonheur to operate responsibly. We believe it is a big step in the right direction and to respect the wishes and expectations of our clients.

Christian Lefèvre

Managing Director

Coquille Bonheur

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