The members of the Friends In Tourism association express their concern about the impact of the sinking of Wakashio in our lagoons. According to them, this environmental tragedy has a direct impact on tourism in Mauritius.

"Before assessing the importance of this oil spill in the southern maritime landscape and its foreseeable impact, we already note this great part of uncertainty in terms of our expertise in the matter", highlights the president of the association. Christian Lefevre. “This ecological disaster, he said, will cause serious damage to hotels in the region, to local activities, to marine culture, to fishermen, to inhabitants, and to economic activities directly affected by the oil spill in general. »

“We are facing a long-term evolutionary consequence that will unfold over weeks, months, even years. We have received many expressions of sympathy from our tour operators and friends in Mauritius,” he said. The latter is of the opinion that this pollution of the marine ecosystem will certainly affect tourism in this region. “Coastal tourism is an important economic activity and the impact assessment should include the implications for the tourism sector,” he sees.