Christian Lefèvre, President Of FIT: "We Are Asking For The Creation Of A Charter Of Conduct For Tourists Who Will Come Post Covid-19"
The Association Friends in Tourism (FIT), asks that the actors rebuild the tourism industry together, taking all the necessary health precautions but also restoring the international image of our country.

“Despite the unwavering financial support of our government, these months of closure, these months of misfortune are nothing but heartbreak, sometimes even humiliation. Within our association, we are asking to create a code of conduct for the thousands of tourists who will visit us post Covid-19,” says FIT president Christian Lefèvre.  

The latter maintains that the health precautions are known and unanimously accepted by the members today except "the compulsory confinement or imprisonment of visitors". “We would like a preliminary schedule to be at least agreed. We must avoid at all costs hasty decisions and the pride that leads to easy opinions. Our primary concern remains public safety. Also, ensuring the safety and security of tourists,” he says. In addition, he continues, all the members of the FIT association have undertaken to “establish the health protocols required to give concrete expression to the desire to collaborate fully with the Ministry of Health and the association’s “quality” committee. A major project is underway. »

“The difficult days we are living through have brought us closer together. We know how much we operate in a sensitive sector, hence the need for us to redouble our efforts. We are waiting to read the guidelines of the MTPA and the Tourism Authority for the revival of the tourism industry. We understand that the ambition is to work towards a different type of tourism geared towards ecology,” he underlines. 

As a result, advances Christian Lefèvre, “the decision to create a new 'branding' or brand for the destination as soon as possible. Ecology is fashionable but shouldn't just be literature. Our ecological approach must be visible and reflect a coherent image of the destination towards fairer tourism, for a national democratization program aimed at involving all communities at all levels. This project will be viable on one condition only if the entire population is involved in joining the new brand”, supports the president of FIT.

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