"Journeys Await You"

This year 2020 and next year 2021 will be filled with challenges that lie ahead in consequence of the extremely negative impact of the Covid-19 on the Tourism and Travel Industry.

Our concerns for health & safety, social commitment and sustainable tourism are more than a sine-qua-non condition for the future landscape of the travel business.

Mauritius is a true holiday destination. Our country has more than one feather in its straw hats. Mauritius is known for its legendary hospitality. Its people are at the heart of the tourism industry. As a country, we are looking forward to the time where we would have the great pleasure to warmly welcome you back with a passion for our profession, love for our Island and respect to you.

“Journeys Await Us”

The world is changing. Think about a better future, a new beginning. Keep the dream alive and we will be ready to warmly welcome you.

"Journeys Await Us"

The unprecedented, brutal level of the sanitary crisis has frontally impacted the tourism industry worldwide. However, we are blessed every day with a sunset and a sunrise. Each of them has a story. The symbolic significance of sunrise is that it gives new hope. Let’s keep the dream alive and build a safer sustainable travel experience.

“Journeys Await Us”

CB as a responsible DMC stands in good stead to welcome you back to Mauritius once the travel ban is lifted.

"Journeys Await Us”

Our identity is tied to what we give our hearts to and can only be acquired through living life. "Every cloud has a silver lining". The beauty of the Flamboyant reminds us of how stunning our destination is. We can’t wait to warmly welcome you back to the Island of smiles and sugar.

"Journeys Await Us"

“The future of the Tourism Industry lies in companies taking responsibility beyond the single bottom line and embedding the principles of sustainability into their businesses”