Think of Mauritius and your mind instantly conjures up images of white sand beaches and tropical palm trees but the island isn’t just lying on the beaches. If you can tear yourself away from the exotic sands for just a second; there are many things to do in Mauritius including activities, historic sights and fabulous once in a lifetime experiences!

1.      Festivals

Did you know that Mauritius has an incredibly vibrant and diverse culture to share with visitors? On top of that, it’s one of the safest countries in Africa. Large numbers of Indian, European, Chinese and African people make up the local population of the island. Throughout the year various fascinating festivals are held, which so perfectly reflect the diversity and heritage of this iconic island.  If you have the chance to be there during those festivals, these are surely worth experiencing as celebrations take place in a spirit of peace and sharing. The main festivals are

-          Thaipoosam Cavadee (January-February)

-          Spring Festival (January-February)

-          Maha Shivaratri (February- March)

-          Holi (February- March)

-          The feast of Blessed Jacques Désiré Laval (August-September)

-          Diwali (October- November)

Remember that while going to a place of worship, you’ll need to dress appropriately (covered shoulders and knees) and be respectful when walking around the area.

2.     Enjoy a Sega Dance

Reggae and Seggae are popular music genres on the island. But it’s Mauritian Sega, an art-form registered by UNESCO on its Intangible Cultural Heritage list that you should really look out for. A Sega performance is a window onto Mauritian culture and the history of the island. Sega costumes are unique and beautiful made of billowy floral skirts, cropped tops and woven hats for women; baggy shirts and trousers for men, these are an important part of the performance. The beat is supplied by ravannes, cylindrical drums, triangles, and a maravane, a traditional instrument made by filling a box with seeds to create a maraca-like sound.

Read the history of the Mauritian Sega :

3.     Golf

Today golf has become one of the top sports in Mauritius and one of the main attractions for visitors to the island. In fact, the island enjoys warm temperatures and pleasant weather all year round which provides excellent conditions for golf and for a great golf holiday. There are 13 golf courses designed by well-known designers like Gary Player, Peter Matkovich, Rodney Wright, Bernhard Langer, and Ernie Els. From bushes to bunkers and from water hazards to nails concealed by verdure foliage, the golf courses in Mauritius offers exciting experience in a beautiful natural setting.

4.     Island Hopping

No trip to Mauritius would be complete without an excursion to one of the fascinating surrounding islands, which offer some of the world’s most beautiful untouched beaches and turquoise waters.

For the ultimate day out in paradise set sail for the sandy beaches of ‘Île des Deux cocos’,  ‘Île aux Cerfs’, ‘Île aux Benitiers’,‘Ilot Gabriel’, ‘Île Plate’, or ‘Coin de Mire’ aboard a speedboat or catamaran. These popular islands are located in the North, West and southeast coast of Mauritius. Surely a must experience while on holidays as you can also enjoy incredible snorkeling and amazing boat trips.

5.     Join the locals for a ‘sundowner’

One popular Mauritian custom is definitely the ‘sundowner’. Sundowning is particularly popular on weekends and during holidays. On public beaches such as Flic en Flac, you will see groups playing checkers and cards under the shade of palm trees and kids playing in the water. Socialising, eating street food and maybe picking up a few fish from the nearest market is also part of the ritual. Set up a beach chair or take a dusk stroll along the shoreline – it’s one of the loveliest ways to spend an evening in Mauritius.  If you want to upgrade your sundowner experience, you can ride horseback along the beach or go on a catamaran trip instead!

6.     Water sports

Mauritius is a real paradise island for any sea and water. The reef-protected lagoons around the island are good spots for sea activities like windsurfing or SUP. For people who are getting into the waters for the first time, better to start with an easy water sport such as sea kayaking where you can see the gorgeous mangroves plants. Here is our list of the best water sports to experience:

  • Parasailing
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Water Skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Undersea walk

7.     Blue Safari Submarine

Have you ever thought of the idea of getting into diving and not getting wet? Well, welcome to the world of Blue Safari Submarine. Located at Trou aux Biches in the north-western part of Mauritius Blue Safari is actually the only leisure submarine operation in the entire Indian Ocean.  There are 2 submarines of small sizes with a maximum capacity of 10 seats, therefore offering a real personalized adventure not to be missed while being in Mauritius. You will undoubtedly see from close enough vivid coloured sea turtles, shoals of fish, colourful and majestic coral reefs, and the amazing Star Hope Ship Wreck, and a 17th-century anchor at the bottom of the ocean.

8.     Skydiving

Looking for thrills on your holiday to Mauritius? Why not try the ultimate adrenaline sport and jump out of a plane. At Skydive Mauritius you can tandem skydive for spectacular views of Mauritius from the air, including lush green forests and turquoise blue waters.

Skydiving for the first time is an unforgettable experience and when you combine that with the views over paradise on Earth, a Skydive in Mauritius will stay in your memory bank forever.