Hotels are converted into quarantine centres, others closed down temporarily, DMCs, Car Rental Companies, most taxis have parked their vehicles and all activities have stopped. Passenger airport will soon close down as the last passengers who can still leave will fly out. Business as a whole has taken a tremendous hit as the pandemic continues to spread.  The Covid-19 outbreak is a human tragedy and has suddenly cast a huge shadow over the global economic outlook due to inevitable quarantines, travel restrictions, and social-distancing measures.

The support scheme announced by the Minister of Finance is nothing else than a survival kit rather than a stimulus package. It is a major and evolving challenge. Far more is required to keep households and businesses afloat. The government has taken extraordinary measures for confinement and the eventual containment of the disease.

No one wants to be pessimistic, but let’s be realistic. This sanitary war is not going to end tomorrow. The hospitality sector will take longer to climb out. We have absolutely no visibility. Worst predictions are 2-3 months but many think that without a cure it might take much longer. Hats off to all our courageous healthcare front-liners who are providing essential services to fight the virus. They deserve our gratitude.

We are saddened that 2 patients passed away. We sympathise with the families and the bereaved. The environment remains uncertain and complex. That is why we need to show our strong commitments and follow the government instructions for complete confinement, stay home, social distancing, and all the hygiene requirements.

A word of thanks to all the CB Team who is still at work serving the last clients until the very last moment. Thank you very much for your kindness and for your dedication. God bless you all. We certainly call that you are recognised for your commitment.

We hope that tourism will be a priority for the government in future recovery efforts. At CB we are already working hard to ensure that we are ready for when the recovery time comes. We know we can count on the invaluable support of all our international partners, tourism ambassadors and Friends in Tourism worldwide to help our amazing Mauritius and Rodrigues to shine again. Thank you.


Stay Safe and Healthy

Christian Lefèvre

Managing Director