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International Team

CB has judiciously selected a dedicated team of professional staff, each of them with a wealth of experience in their own field and passionate about the destination. Each staff is qualified and has hands-on experience in the hospitality business.

CB is represented by M.S.T in Italy. (Marketing Servicing and Trading)

The company was founded in 1999. From that year to 2007, they represented the Brazilian airline TAM, which later on capitalized on their business accomplishments and opened its own branch in Milan. Between 2001 and 2004, they also represented the airlines LAN Ecuador and LAN Peru.

Since September 2008, they've been representing the Columbian airline Avianca as their only GSA in Italy.

From January 2010, they started expanding into the tourist trade and are now representing incoming tour operators all over the world, such as Seychelles, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Perù and Colombia etc..

As of January 2013, the company is also the sole representative in Italy for the AVIANCATACA group, which comprises TACA International, TACA Perù, Lacsa, Aerogal e Aviateca and since July 2014 we have been designated as PSA (Passengers Sales Agent) of Vietnam Airlines in Italy since July 2014.

Contact :                                                      

Ph. +39 02.86998147                             http://www.mstrappresentanze.com/
Fax +39 02.801099